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What will happen if I arrive late to check-in?
  • The airport bag drop desk closes 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.  
  • If you arrive at the airport after the check-in desk has closed, our company can’t assume this responsibility. 
  • Please contact your Tour Operator.  

Do I have to be at the boarding gate at the time initially shown even if my flight is delayed?
Yes, in every case, please ensure that you are at your boarding gate at the time initially given for your flight in case our ground staff at the airport can reduce the delay.

When must I arrive at the airport to check-in?
You are invited two hours before take-off. Check-in closes 45 minutes before take-off.

Can I check in several bags without having to pay an excess?
Passengers may check in several pieces each provided that the total weight of personal luggage does not exceed 25kg.
 If there is excess weight, you must purchase additional allowance on a per kilo basis in accordance with the charges in effect

Is there any waiver if my bags weigh more than the 25kg permitted?
For a 25kg baggage allowance, 2kg can be waived. If you have a higher allowance, there is no waiver.  If there is excess weight, you must purchase additional allowance on a per kilo basis. You can now book your luggage allowance online.

When opening my case upon arrival, I noticed that certain items are missing. What can I do?
Are all or only some of the contents of your baggage missing? Please inform us at the ALEXANDRIA AIRLINES desk in the airport when you arrive. 
If you notice later on that an item is missing, you have 7 days from the date of arrival in which to submit your claim in writing to ALEXANDRIA AIRLINES customer services. We will do everything we can to compensate you. 

How can I find out the administrative formalities pertaining to my destination?
You can obtain this information from your tour operator.

Is a family record book a valid form of identification for a child or an infant?
No, a family record book is not a valid form of identification. All passengers – children, adults or infants – must hold a valid passport or identity card according to the destination.

What happens if I don't have my identification in my possession?
We insist that ALL PASSENGERS must have identification in their possession. Otherwise, we will be obliged to deny boarding.

Can I use my mobile telephone or personal electronic device onboard?
You are not permitted to use your mobile telephone for the duration of the flight so as not to interfere with the navigation screens.

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